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Episode 1145 - Clean Up

Clean Up
April 16, 2014 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Pizza Party! As promised!

Alrighty folks! This here ends one of the longest stories I've written and drawn to date. Here is also where I'm going to start my much needed, long-overdue break.

You can still find me on twitter, Facebook, and tumblr, and @kitsy on instagram. :3

I'll also be posting blogs here, so if you're signed up for our notifications, you'll catch them there. :D

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! ♥

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[Shop*Update] Save on shirt orders!

0 Ish Good!

For those eyeing the apparel shop for a shirt or jacket, you're in luck!

Spreadshirt has another site promo where you can save $10 on orders of $50+ with code: SPREE10!


Get your orders in before November 21st!



Holiday News: Print Shop & Commission Open

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The holiday season is upon us!

First off, click on our "Black Friday" banners before heading to Amazon this holiday season! (or likewise, click this link!) It doesn't cost you anything, but we get a tiny kick-back for the referral link! The pups and I thank you for your support! ★

Second, commissions are now open for a limited time! (See blog post for in-depth info on rates, etc) I have a couple slots left. Email me if interested in reserving a slot!

Third, I've opened a Society6 page for prints and other printed merchandise! I'm slowly adding new and recent artworks to the page - if there's an illo in particular you'd like for me to add, message me! :D



Holiday Commissions 2014 [OPEN]

0 Ish Good!

Alas, it's that time of year again~

Just in time for the holidays, I'll be opening a limited number of commission slots.


All range of characters are open, including caricatures. However, please send at least 2 clean reference images (if possible), especially if I can't find references on via google. :3

My rates are as follows:

★ Sketchcard (3x4-ish), color, 1 character - $10
(Up to 1 additional character + $5)

★ 4x6", color, 1 character - $50
(Each additional character + $20)

★ 5x7", color, up to 2 characters - $75
(Each additional character + $20)

★ 8x10", color, up to 2 charcters - $150
(Each additional character + $50)

Anything larger, please contact me for a quote.

Shipping within the US is $8.
International, please contact me for a quote with your mailing address.

Requests close when limit is reached or by December 1st.

Email me your request with your reference images, commission idea, and mailing address. I'll send you a quote and invoice.

Happy Holidays!