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Episode 1145 - Clean Up

Clean Up
April 16, 2014 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Pizza Party! As promised!

Alrighty folks! This here ends one of the longest stories I've written and drawn to date. Here is also where I'm going to start my much needed, long-overdue break.

You can still find me on twitter, Facebook, and tumblr, and @kitsy on instagram. :3

I'll also be posting blogs here, so if you're signed up for our notifications, you'll catch them there. :D

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! ♥

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[Blue Hawaii] Food for Thought

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, September 28th.

Summer's pretty much over, as we -finally- move in the to autumn months, but it's none-too-late for the Blue Hawaii gang to have a picnic.

Just some food for thought.



[Event 2014] Mini Con @ the McCully-Moiliili Public Library

0 Ish Good!


MiniCon is this Saturday, September 27th at the McCully-Moiliili Public Library! Doors open at 10am and the event will run to 2pm.

Exhibitors include:
- Jon J. Murakami
- Kevin Sano
- Hachi Maru Hachi
- and me~ :3

I'll have my new Blue Hawaii mini books with me. Copies on-hand are limited, but I'll be including a mini sketch with each book sold.


I'll also be taking $10 at-event only sketch card requests. Single character, add +$5 for 1 additional character.


(These are from the series I did for Kawaii Kon this last year. They're all sold out.)

Jon and Kevin will have loads of art and goodies for sale, and I believe the Hachi Maru Hachi group will be doing drawing demonstrations. :D

I also made some mobile desktop wallpapers for each of the contributors for the signs:

Caitlin Slattery from HMH Jon J. Murakami Jonathan Pinches from HMH Kevin Sano

You can download the full images here for your mobile devices:
* Caitlin Slattery from HMH
* Jon J. Murakami's 5 year celebration
* Jonathan Pinches from HMH
* Kevin Sano's Rainbowman

Hope to see you guys there!