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February 10, 2015 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

... and we're back!

It's been a good couple years I've left the Yellow Jacket in limbo and T. Katsuya riding off into the sunset to deliver those pizzas. So, it's high time I finish up their story after long long last.

I won't be following the usual M-W-F schedule with this story, as I'd like to draw and tell the story in the best way possible. Instead I'll be updating in "chunks". Think of the breaks in-between as "station breaks". While I work on the next set of pages, look forward to little pup-centric interludes (like Twin Tails Day)~ :D

If you'd like to keep up with my progress, consider joining my Patreon and get some perks as well, like so:

Thanks so much for your patience!

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[nemu*news] "March"ing right along...

0 Ish Good!

Marching right along~ *haha~ ^^;;* Actually, this is turning out to be a pretty busy month for me.

Let's get started, shall we? :D



Hope you guys are enjoying the first installment of the continued Henshin Rider/Yellow Jacket story! It's been a few years, and I'm doing this somewhat differently. I'm drafting the story in sections and drawing and inking the pages on paper -- the old-fashioned way. It's a personal goal of mine to improve my inking skills this year, and I must say, it's been a learning experience all the way.

I'm doing my best to adhere to a update every-other-week schedule here on nemu*nemu. I'm currently in the lettering and coloring phase, so expect the new update mid-week!



Our Patreon drive is going quite well! We're getting really close to the next milestone - $500/month to unlock monthly sketchbook PDFs!

I've also been posting regularly with sketches, concept artwork, and previews in the Patreon activity feed and creator blog, which is unlocked for $5+ supporters!

I host monthly [Request You Request Me] drawing sessions - a limited slot request line for patrons that I work on on the side. Sometimes the artwork ends up as sketches that I post, other times they become the basis for the monthly digital wallpapers. You never know just what the end result will be!

Meanwhile, March's wallpaper (also a RYRM request) will be added to the nemu*digital goods shop at the end of the week! All patrons will receive a link the to wallpaper via Patreon once funds have cleared for the month!


Workshop Times!

I'll be having a talk about creating comics digitally at the Sgt. Yano Library at Schofield Barracks on Wednesday, March 11th at 3pm! I'm -guessing- that the library is open to the public and all are welcome, but you'll need to get there a little early to pass thru the Lyman Gate (as do I, for that matter!). I'll be talking a little more in-depth about the programs and tools I use to create comics for the web.

Mid-Pac Ho'olaule'a

We'll be exhibiting again at the MPI Ho'olaule'a on March 20th. It's a school event, but if you can make your way onto the campus, you can join in on the festivities. ★

Kawaii Kon!

... and we'll be back in the dealer's hall for Kawaii Kon.


Kawaii Kon [link]
March 27-29
Hawaii Convention Center

We're back in Exhibit Hall 2 (the center hall on the 1st floor) and switched sides with the Artists Alley. Same space as last year, otherwise (#50).

NOTE: If you are interested in me completing a sketch, drawing, or commission for you at Kawaii Kon, please contact me now with your request. At kon, I have to multi-task a lot and I don't always have the opportunity to sit and draw on the spot, so if you have something in mind, ask before the event. ★



[Blue Hawaii] Hot Shtuff!

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, March 1st!

Scott came up with the idea -- but I have a feeling he just wanted to see Blue sweat and suffer. ^_^;




February Patreon Updates!

0 Ish Good!

Ahoy folks! We're nearing the end of the month, so it's time to preview the next wallpaper for March!


The theme was requested by patrons - "Vocaloid Ani & Kana"... so here's my take of the girls as Miku & Luka. :3 All participating patrons for the month of February will get the new desktop after funds have cleared.

Meanwhile, we're all striving to hit the next milestone of $500/month which unlocks monthly sketchbook PDFs! All my milestones are group efforts and the rewards will be shared by all, regardless of how much you pledge per month. We're really close!


If you'd like to help out, visit my Patreon page! ♥

And for those of you waiting for the next installment, I'm in the pencil/ink phase right now and aiming for an update next week! Please hang tight!