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Time to Level Up
June 14, 2015 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Hurrah! Time for another update!

Originally, Mayer & Mackey's section was going to be one large update, but I ultimately decided to split them into two. Partly because the model toy bike I ordered from eBay arrived late...

(Yes, it's meant to be that small~! I also have a scaled model of T. Katsuya's bike too~ ★ They certainly make drawing them in different angles so much easier!)

Now that help is on the way, just what predicament is Henshin Rider in at the house? And aren't we forgetting someone else? Hrm?

In other news!

Finally~ I'm a couple months behind, but I'm just about caught up with the monthly wallpapers~ ♥

Here's May's:

And for the month of June:

Find them both in the nemu*digital shop or get them by joining my Patreon!


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[Blue Hawaii] My Pet Gecko

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii from Sunday's paper!

After watching Jurassic World (and later, Park,) it was a no-brainer to introduce yet a new character to the Blue Hawaii lineup~ :D

Now to think of a name... :3



[Blue Hawaii] Bubble Battle

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, June 21!

Bubbles have been on the brain lately~ It's a nice way to wind down in the evening. :D



[Event 2015] #Artshop: Manga Market Pop-Up

0 Ish Good!
(Image ganked from the Facebook event page!)

Local comic artists - Jaymee, Tara, and I will be participating in an event at the Spalding House next week Wednesday from 1-3pm!

#Artshop: Manga Market Pop-Up
Spalding House (formerly known as the Contemporary Art Museum)
2411 Makiki Heights Drive
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822
Wednesday, June 24
[Facebook events page]
Free admission!

We'll be selling our books and art and doing demos throughout the event! There are also some free activities going on and a guided tour of the current Giant Robot Contempo #artshow exhibit!

Each of us have pieces in the show -- here's a preview of my 2:


They're also available for sale with part of the proceeds going to the museum. :D