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Episode 1145 - Clean Up

Clean Up
April 16, 2014 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Pizza Party! As promised!

Alrighty folks! This here ends one of the longest stories I've written and drawn to date. Here is also where I'm going to start my much needed, long-overdue break.

You can still find me on twitter, Facebook, and tumblr, and @kitsy on instagram. :3

I'll also be posting blogs here, so if you're signed up for our notifications, you'll catch them there. :D

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! ♥

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Keeping the Ball Rolling - Art Giveaway #2

0 Ish Good!

Hey folks!

Now that the drawing is closed for the T.Katsuya x Yellow Jacket drawing, and a winner has been selected and contacted (thanks to!) I'll be moving on to giveaway #2!


This is an ink drawing of Nemesis & Sam on 4x6 Stillman & Birn sample Gamma series paper. (Much thanks to S&B for the samples of all their papers!)

If the costume looks somewhat familiar, Nemesis is wearing Jiro's outfit from Kikaida... and instead of the red guitar, he's got an ukulele. :D

All you gotta do is 1) make sure your e-mail address is connected to your comment, and 2) answer the following question.

Question: How did you find out about nemu*nemu?

This is mostly to satiate my own curiosity -- was it through a school talk? Craft fair? Convention? Through a fellow webcomicker's website? Facebook? Tumblr? Word of mouth?

Entries will close on Wednesday, September 24th!

Best of luck!



[Blue Hawaii] Widgets

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Sunday, September 14th Honolulu Star-Advertiser. :D

So, Apple may have released info on their new "watch", but our brand, Kiwi beat them to the market... and we suspect they're both going to run into the same problem. ^_^;

Back to AppleWatches -- who's planning get one? I can guarantee there will be (at least) one in this place when it's finally released!