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August 25, 2015 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

And we're back!

... and back to a semi-regular schedule to boot!

While the section is completed, some of you have expressed interest in something regular and I figure it won't hurt to give it a go. This will also act like a sort of countdown while I work on the next section. This section took a little longer than usual due to a cold, followed by a week out due to oral surgery, and a couple deadlines. At least the next story section is in the rough drafts stage and ready for clean up and inking. :D

Meanwhile, if you missed it - August's digital desktop: Neko Musume Ramen!

I've been working on a series of illustrations using Scott's photos from our Japan trip last year. :D

Also! The 3tArts' Spirit of the Wind Ghibli Tribute Show is closing up this weekend! Last chance to check out the show at the Rothick Art Haus in Orange County this Saturday & Sunday. If you can't get there in person, the pieces are all up online for view and sale! You can check out my blog post about the show with a look at my contributed piece. :D

Next update is scheduled for next week Wednesday, but don't miss Sunday's Blue Hawaii comic that updates in the blog below! :D

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[Blue Hawaii] Beat the Heat

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Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, August 16th!

It's been a pretty brutal summmer by Hawaii standards. It's consistently in the 90s, occasionally without any wind/trades, and high high humidity. Kinda on par with my memories of first experiencing a Japan summer in Kyushu, now that I think about it.

How do you beat the heat? :D



Spirit of the Wind - Studio Ghibli Tribute Show @ the Rothick Art Haus

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(Photos courtesy of 3tarts' curator, Katie McAtee)

The Spirit of the Wind - Studio Ghibli Tribute show is now live at the Rothick Art Haus in Orange County.
170 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805
Open: Saturdays 12-5pm

Here's a look at my contribution to the show:

Out of all the movies, I chose their adaptation of Aoi Hiiragi's manga "耳をすませば/Mimi o Sumaseba," better known as "Whispers of the Heart." It resonated with me when I first saw it in the mid-90s and still is an old friend I go back and watch from time to time. If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend it~! It's very slice-of-life, but there are elements of fantasy that are signature Ghibli. :D

I hope you get a chance to check out all the other amazing pieces in the show! It runs til August 29th.



[Sketch Notes] Fantasy Life

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So I've been watching Non Non Biyori Repeat/のんのんびより りぴーと on Crunchyroll during my lunch breaks. This series is so cute. It's hard to -not- find it charming.

I got to the 4th episode where Renge decides to dress as a teruterubouzu...with kinda creepy results. XD

Sorry if this ends up being a spoiler of sorts. There's many more jokes to catch in the episode. :D

I've also been playing Fantasy Life on my 3DS, and I find it... fun in a tedious way.

I'm torn between liking and hating the fact it's so freeform. There's a story-mode you can opt to play and advance to parts of the game, and there's a task-driven-mode where you just fulfill requests and take on challenges to level up in your respective chosen "Life" (job, basically.)

I feel rather completionist about the game... wanting to level up efficiently, but because you sort of need to level up all the jobs at once, I have to repeat challenges/dungeons/monsters over and over and over. X_X; The crafting ones get extremely tedious, especially when you're tired. orz;;

But... aside from all that, it's a really cute game. I don't feel compelled to power thru (aside from when I do the story modes so I can unlock new areas) and can put the game down for extended periods of time without feeling guilty.

Anyhoo - that aside, I've adopted a white dog from the Castele pet wrangler and named him Anpan★... then just yesterday picked up a purple cat from the Al Majik pet wrangler and name it "Poots." (Like, from Pup Fiction. XD)