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I Got This
February 3, 2016 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

It's update Wednesday!

I've been working on the pages on my IPad Pro and trying out different native apps to see if they can get the work done. So far, I'm liking the Procreate app. It can be a little bare-bones in terms of features, but it has all the essential elements needed to get stuff done. If you'd like to see the process for this page, you can catch it here:

Page 80 process from Audra Furuichi on Vimeo.

I'm working hard to build a buffer again so I can increase my updates to 2x a week. *___* But --

I sorta got side-lined this weekend with a total work-room re-org. We removed one shelving unit to get a little more floor space back so we'd have some room to exercise again. Also moved my drawing desk to the opposite side of the room to give me a little more space to work on my computer desk. During the process, I had to do thru and dump a bunch of old and dried out pens and purge some craft I had been holding onto for years - KonMari style. That alone took 6 hours and I can't say I'm anywhere near done yet. ;;


But, at least the room is a lot more airy and spacious, and for that I'm thankful we went thru the process.

THEN, Monday was "Hourly Comic Day". (All my entries are up at my instagram account~ :D) What was meant to be a fast exercise in recording my day-in-the-life turned into a whole day autobio comic drawing event. Aiyah. But hey - great practice drawing comics on the spot. ^^;

Soooo.. yeah. I have a lot to catch up on during this work week. ★ Hope you guys are enjoying the story as it unfolds~ It's been a lot of fun for me to plan and draw. ^^

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[LootAnime!] Open the EQUIP box!

0 Ish Good!

I'm back with a new unboxing of the Loot Anime crate for January - the theme: EQUIP!


Disclaimer: Much thanks to Loot Anime for providing me with these crates for review! If you'd like to jump onto the next crate, use my link to get there! ( Also use code "NEMUNEMU" to get $3 off whatever plan you purchase, be it 1 crate or 12! :D

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[Blue Hawaii] Seasons

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii, as printed in the January 31st edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser~

We were just admiring the sunset the other day. Hawaiian sunsets just can't be beat. :3



[LootAnime!] Open the ENCHANT box!

0 Ish Good!

[UPDATE: Use code "NEMUNEMU" at checkout to get $3 off any LootAnime subscription. One box, 12 boxes, your choice! BTW - the next Loot Anime box is almost sold out, so the time to jump in is now! :D]

As I get older, there is something to be said about delayed-gratification. As a kid, I'd tear into things the moment I got them. But lately, if I know it's something I'm going to enjoy (aside from food.. food, I just dig straight into...) I wait for the right opportunity to indulge.

That happened with this box that arrived late last week:


Full disclosure: LootCrate contacted me last month to inquire if I'd take a look at their new Loot Anime series... of which I had no idea existed, although I was aware of their collaboration with Crunchyroll during the Black Friday/Holiday sales. So, woo hoo! I said yes, and here we go!

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