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Episode 1145 - Clean Up

Clean Up
April 16, 2014 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Pizza Party! As promised!

Alrighty folks! This here ends one of the longest stories I've written and drawn to date. Here is also where I'm going to start my much needed, long-overdue break.

You can still find me on twitter, Facebook, and tumblr, and @kitsy on instagram. :3

I'll also be posting blogs here, so if you're signed up for our notifications, you'll catch them there. :D

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone! ♥

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Pup Travels 2014 - To Japan We Go!

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Ahoy folks!

Scott and I will be away from home for the next two weeks, while we travel to Japan! :D This will be my first time back in over 10 years, and Scott's very first time traveling internationally, so it'll be sure to be an experience. (Anpan & Nemu reflect both sides of how I feel right now -- excited and internally panicked.. at the same time. o_o;;)

We'll do our best to keep you updated on our journey via my instagram, our Facebook page, and my twitter account -- since we're traveling without a laptop this time.

Just a quick heads up in regards to the shop -- the digital goods and t-shirts will be available as normal, but all physical goods shipped from us will be on hold until we return on November 5th. If you need something before then, get your orders in before October 21st 8am Hawaii Time. My last run will go out that afternoon before we leave for the airport.

★ Need to make an order? Head to the nemu*shop! ★

Blue Hawaii comics will update here as usual too, so you too can get your nemu*nemu fix while we're away from home. ♥

I'll also be returning just in time for the Noelani Winter Craft Fair. We'll be in the same spot, in the school cafeteria, with all our usual goodies. :D



[Blue Hawaii] Game On

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Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Sunday, October 12th edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Some games are just not meant to be played with mixed generations. My family and I tried to play a game of Cranium (TM) last Christmas and quickly found that there was quite a disparity in knowledge when it came to pop culture references.

Case and point: My team task was to act out "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and my mom and brother were supposed to guess the reference. Neither of them remember watching the movie and my terrible interpretation of the "Twist and Shout" parade scene totally went to waste.

Yeah. Next time, video games.