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Trouble Avoidance
March 8, 2015 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

The story continues with this new 3 page installment featuring - at last, T. Katsuya's transformation into Henshin Rider. :D

I'm doing my best to keep up with a story update every other week! ★ March just happens to be a very busy month for me. ^^;

Meanwhile! Keep up with my progress at my Patreon! We're really close to the next milestone which unlocks monthly compilations of my drawings into "sketchbook" PDFs! :D

Also! March's digital wallpaper is now up in the digital goods shop!


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[Blue Hawaii] Spring Cleaning

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Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, March 29th.

Ever notice that when you clean from room to room, stuff mysteriously moves from one spot to a slightly less used spot...? The cleaning cycle never seems to end... ^^;



[Events 2015] Kawaii Kon Goodies!

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Kawaii Kon weekend is finally here!

Here's the new lineup for 2015:

1) Brand new business cards!

I'm shifting to promoting not only nemu*nemu, but me as an artist as well~ This also means I'll be venturing out into creating more artwork and illustrations, in addition to my usual lineup of comics. :D

2) Vinyl Stickers!

As you may have noticed on my new business card, I'm also changing up the nemu*nemu logo a little to include both Enchilada & Blue as part of the family. I had posted a preview of my business cards on instagram and some folks requested I make them into stickers, so here you go!

They come as a sheet with 5 stickers. They're printed on durable white vinyl, so you can stick them just about anywhere. We have ours on our car, but I'm certain they'll look amazing on binders, mirrors, windows, laptops... and much more! Each sticker sheet is $5.

3) Modern Kitsuke card sets & originals

I really love the style and elegance of kimono, and created a "portrait series" of girls wearing a variety of them in modern styles. I like the series so much, I decided to do a short print run of these portraits on small "sandwich" style cards and to sell them as a limited edition series.

Also, the 3x3" originals will also be for sale:

4) Sailor Senshi prints

I started this series late last autumn and -finally- finished the whole set. Including Sailor Moon - which I just finished this morning last night:


I'll be selling them as 8.5x11" prints at the show, but will also add them to my Society6 page shortly. For those who'd prefer to order them from me direct, I'll be adding them to my Square shop.


If you're interested in seeing/buying the originals, I'll have them on hand at Kawaii Kon. They're $350 each, drawn on 11x14" 500 series Strathmore Bristol board with Copics and multi-liners.

I'll also have a bunch of original sketches, a few new prints, and a handful of iPhone 6-sized device skins and cases with my new logo designs on them. :D

You can find me in the Dealer's Hall, table #50. I'm in the middle island, 2nd cluster -- you'll probably see me with my nemu*nemu signs on the front-facing corner. :3 I'll also be doodling for the duration of the con, taking sketchcard requests - $10 per character. (Anything larger, please ask me for a quote. :3)

Doors open today at 2pm to 8pm for me. Saturday - 10am to 7pm, Sunday - 10am - 4pm.

All new items will be added to the Square shop after this weekend, but feel free to inquire with me about any of the art originals via e-mail. :D



[Blue Hawaii] Tomayto Tomahto

0 Ish Good!


Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, March 15th!

When it comes to Webster, spelling atrocities are part of the norm. Gizmo has figured out his method to combat the problem. :3