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We Made It!

0 Ish Good!

About a year ago Kitsy and I began talking about collaborating on a project which would eventually become A lot of planning and brainstorming ensued. For months at a time we'd talk about this idea... then walk away from it to get a breather... only to come back and see things with new eyes. It's a wonderous thing to see an idea come to fruition and take on a life of its own!

After a lot of prep work, sketches and layouts we settled on a few things and got to work. We decided on April 1st as a firm launch date. The date gave us a deadline to work with and really got us to settle in and stick to a schedule. And finally we're here.

So.. Hello World! nemu-nemu is finally here!

I hope you enjoy spending time here and following the story we'll be unfolding! But now... it's time for me to nemunemu...

Smiles to go!

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