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Just Checkin' In

0 Ish Good!

Things are rolling along for us as we work on the next batch of strips. It's been a great learning process for me as I haven't done a strip since my days in college (which was YEARS ago)! >_< Kitsy too, come to think of it. Learning how to do things in a different way requires much patience and a lot of trial and error.

The first batch of strips were done on a smaller scale as we weren't too sure what size would be the optimal for a webcomic. We soon discovered the benefits of working larger and have since switched over to a different way of doing things. The more I work on the strips, the cleaner the process gets (for me at least).

When I was doing a comic strip in college, it wasn't until maybe the 2nd year that I hit my stride and actually got sort of comfortable with the characters and understood their personalities. Unfortunately a few months after that I quit drawing the comic. This time around it's different as the drawing is done mainly by Kitsy and I do other things. Don't get me wrong, there is pressure to meet deadlines and get things finished but for me its a different kind of pressure than what I was faced with during college. Ideas were hard to come by back then since my characters were so raw and deviod of any real personality. In contrast Nemu-nemu's characters have been developed in a far better way which I may talk about at a later time.

Brainstorming is a constant process. Kitsy and I discuss the strip just about all the time. Ideas seem to come easily and as strange as it may seem... I even dream about these characters! Perhaps its that I'm just so excited that things are finally live and the everyone can see! I realize that there isn't much going on yet but everything will fall into place shortly. Get comfy with Anise and Kana for now and we'll do our best to bring a smile to your face!

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