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Sir, We're Going to Bootcamp

0 Ish Good!

A bit off topic but I thought it had interesting implications... So Apple came out with their software this morning. So I downloaded it and decided to give it a try on an Intel iMac I had at work. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask! But I guess a picture says a 1000 words:


Don't know what i'd do with it but at least I know it works!

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4 Replies

  • Masako

    Oh that is so beautiful. ;____; My next apple will have Linux, darn it.

  • kimonostereo

    Actually I found it quite useless as I never use windows except to use IE to check on websites for webdev purposes. (IE is notorious for being non-standards compliant grrrr)

    Other than that I couldn't think of a good reason to use XP at all. What I really needed was a way to boot XP while I was in OSX so I didn't have to keep rebooting...

    Thats when I discovered this:
    Click to see Pic

    This thing allows you to do just that. Virtualization Software from Parallels: FREE

    Never having to reboot into XP: Priceless :-)

  • Masako

    Yeah, I can see how rebooting into XP can get stupid after a while.

    You really don't have any software you'd like to use on Windows?

    ... for me it's OpenCanvas and Comicworks. >__<;

  • kimonostereo

    Nope... I can't think of anything I'd need to run on Windows at all. I have Comic Works but I haven't found a need for it as I still do a majority of the work on nemu-nemu in Photoshop and Freehand. I guess I'll reinstall Comic Works to take a look at it again.