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Monday Morning Thoughts

0 Ish Good!

As we continue to follow the (mis)adventures of Anise and Kana, I just wanted to take a little time to interject with some thoughts about the comics and the process~

KS and I have received a few really positive comments from friends and strangers alike - we really thank you for taking the time out to make these messages! We're working hard to make this site user-friendly, interactive, and fun to look at in general. ^_^

As for nemu*nemu, this is really a joint effort between KS and me. KS's expertise with graphic design, layout, and clean, efficient, web design all plays into the panels that I draw. He helps out a lot with the backgrounds I have trouble with and makes sure the screentone is just right. I suppose my strength is in panel layout and flow of the strip. I personally decided to make this a 4-koma (4-panel comic, think "Azumanga Daioh") because I love the kind of humor that is contained in 4 panels - and 4 panels only. It's creatively challenging to sit down and pull out a witty thought out by the final panel, using limited words and limited space. It may not have "bang" of a full fledged comic you see in the Sunday paper or the drawn out tale from a serialized comic book, but I think these 4-koma have their appeal.

I hope you find their appeal as we go along as well~!

More thoughts later!

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