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Much Thanks!

0 Ish Good!

To all you peeps who entered the "Where's Dat Egg?" contest, muchomucho domos~! :D KS and I will be pooling the entries a little later this week when I finish working on the prizes! We really appreciate all the people who decided to participate~! I hope you had fun hunting them eggs down. ^_^

Moving right along, KS and I have a growing list of projects for the site! (All I need is time to work on them! AUGH!) If there's something interesting you'd like to see (i.e. icons, wallpapers, animations, etc), just contact us via e-mail or leave a message! We'll be sure to jot it down on our list.

As a reminder to all you LiveJournal-ers, we have a syndicated account where you can easily keep track of all the updated strips and blogs. Just to warn you, there's sometimes a delay in posting the feed. You can also find me on LJ as kyubikitsy.

Thanks for stopping by! Much more to come soon~ :D

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