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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

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Character creation and design is always a challenging process. It's quite rare that things will just happen and fall into place. For the most part, my past original projects usually never saw the light of day as I could never quite get the chemistry right between the characters or just coming up with a name that didn't sound too cliché became a roadblock.

While Kitsy came up with Anise and Kana's names, Anpan's name was a little harder to come by. We went back and forth on an appropriate name for the stuffie but nothing quite stuck. Then one day we were in a local Japanese merchandise store that was having a festival type sale. One of the items on sale was Anpan, and I thought that would be a cute name for our stuffie pal so it went onto our list. When it came time to decide, the name Anpan was the best and the rest is history.

In this story the stuffies will refer to Anise and Kana as mama so we thought it would be great if they each named the pups. With that in mind, I'm thankful for my Mom and my grandmother! Where would I be without the two of them?

Have a safe and Happy Mothers Day!

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