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What Have We Been Up To?

0 Ish Good!

Well it's been a while since we've posted anything here so I've decided to let you all know that no, we're not dead! Actually we've been traveling and vacationing the last two weeks. Kitsy and I took a trip over to what we Hawaii trapped folk call the mainland. On our trip we raided all of the anime book shops, comic shops and art stores we could find. We also ate some of the best food we've had in a while and met up with some friends as well. So we left the site on autopilot for a bit while we were out!

One of the highlights for me was going to Nucleus Gallery over in Alhambra, California. We were very impressed with their selection of cool t-shirts and books, not to mention the wonderful prints from indie artist from around the country! While there we each picked up a print by Kazu Kibuishi of Copper/Bolt City Fame. I'm a huge fan of Kazu's work and just loved the way the colors were so simple yet made the image pop out. I got the Copper print and Kitsy got the Orange Grove print.

The Good Life Scene
Orange Grove

There's lots more after the cut!

We also picked up cool T-shirts and browsed the gallery that was on display. We were really sad that we missed their huge gallery showing called Power In Numbers that just went down last week. If we had only arranged to stay in L.A. at the tail end of our trip... ah well. The people working there were very friendly and gave us info on how to submit our own works for possible consideration at the gallery.

Did I mention we raided all of the anime stores? We went to probably every single Kinokuniya we could find! Don't laugh... we don't have one in Hawaii! We also hit the area BookOff and a few other smaller anime shops all over Cali. I was surprised to see how each Kinokuniya had such a varied selection from store to store. I managed to get just about everything I wanted as far as manga was concerned which included the whole set of Kozue Amano's Aria including the Perfect Guide and Anime Navigation, Amano's Aqua 1 & 2 as well as book 1 of her short stories, Kiyohiko Azuma's Yotsuba 5, Ghost in the Shell SAC: 2nd Gig Visual Book, Yoshitoshi ABe's An Omnipresence in Wired - LAIN (out of print!) Picture Book, and ABe's Nie_7 1 & 2.




yeah... okay so we kinda went nuts...

The best find of all happened at The Comics Factory in Pasadena! I finally got ahold of Kazu's Daisy Kutter! I've been searching high and low for this graphic novel. I had actually found it at a Borders Book Store locally but forgot to pick it up that day because we were in a rush. The next time I went back, it was gone. Kazu has a great short story with a lot of wonderful story telling going on in this book. If you can find it please check it out! I went as far as getting two of them when I found another copy over at Comic Relief in Berkeley . Comic Relief has to be the most awesome comic shop I have ever been to. They had a selection of graphic novels and books that seemed endless!


We also found a cute set of gashapon for the series KamiChu that we just had to get!


During our stay in San Francisco, I made the voyage to The Mother Ship in Cupertino... The Apple Campus on 1 Infinite Loop! Of course the only place we could really visit was the Apple Company Store which is pretty much like any Apple Store but with Apple branded accessories and clothing. Kitsy and I bought a few things...


Overall we had really great time. I really enjoyed the mainland! It just seems like there are endless places to visit and to eat at... but I think I need a vacation from my vacation! Well for now, it's back to work!

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