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Friday Five (or at least, two)

0 Ish Good!
Got Mail?

Looks like we have one question collected for our "Friday Five", so without further ado~

(However! If there are more questions, feel free to post! It's still Friday (at least locally, it is), and we can add them on to this entry! Otherwise, there's always next week?)

Edit! We have a second question!

1. Just a question. Will Anpan and Nemu transform back to dolls when others are around a la Calvin and Hobbes? Or will they have to hide their ability to talk?

Kitsy: That has yet to be seen~! I know the "story" is progressing relatively slowly since we've limited ourselves to 3 updates a week rather than a daily strip. However, stay tuned~ your answer may come sooner than you expect. :D

2. Is there some secret (^o^) method that managed to get you into the Honolulu Star Bulletin? That was cool. :D It seems your comic is really popular!

Kitsy: Secret? We have lots of secrets! (mwahahaha!) But actually, there's a sort of story behind how we got into Jason Yadao's Cel-Shaded column in the Star-Bulletin!

About two years ago, I met Jason at a (really tiny) anime/cosplay convention in California called "Ani-Magic". Apparently it was one of his first cons and incidentally, it was to be one of my last for a while. A mutual friend mentioned me (and probably my website) and suggested he introduce himself if he bumped into me. Turns out we did meet up and chatted for a short while.

Flash forward another year, I had become involved with a local manga-art group (where I met KS, actually~) that was actively working with Kawaii-Kon to establish the first art show. Jason, looking for a scoop for his soon-to-debut column, Cel-Shaded, had gotten in touch with KS to set up an interview time to talk about the staff, process and some of the artists and their works. Interestingly enough, I had no idea that this Jason was the same Jason I met the year before, so it was a pretty neat opportunity to catch up on times and have a candid interview at the same time.

A few months later, KS and I contacted Jason again to help promote a spin-off group of artists we were working with, Monkey-Ame, who were going to hold an exhibit and sitting at the Ward Borders. (Who incidentally, are having their artwork on exhibit at the very same Ward Borders this weekend! Go check it out!)

Well, to close up this long-round-about-story, Jason has been keeping tabs on all our projects ever since. KS and I had no clue that he was going to do a write-up about nemu*nemu! It was a pleasant surprise for us! ^__^v

Thanks Jason~!

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