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Jumping Into Summer!

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Jumping Into Summer

Summer is upon us!

As KS and I are busily getting ready for the next chapter, this week the pups are taking over the strips! Never fear though, the strips will resume as normal next week. Today, we start off with the artistic talents of Nemu~

Also, to celebrate Independence Day here in the States, we present to you a new illustration, "Jumping Into Summer!"
(Click on the thumbnail to visit our gallery!)

"Friday Fives" are still up for grabs, so if you have a question, shoot us a message or e-mail! I have one left over question from last week that didn't get posted in time, so I'm saving it up for the next post. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Masako

    Yay, Happy Independance Day to you both! ^_^
    Great collab drawing, guys! <3