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Friday Five - Technical Stuffs?

0 Ish Good!
The pups

Welcome to yet another "Friday Five"! (Or maybe just two?)

This week, we have a leftover question that we didn't post in time so we saved it up from last week, so without further ado~

1. Question! What would their human forms be like? If they would ever get one.

Kitsy: Actually, I had sketched the pups in human form long before we had started the comic! I have a scan from KS's sketchbook. (Edit: Which is now seen above~) At that time, Nemu had a long knit scarf while Anpan had the handkerchief.

2. i just read one of your articles and within this you´re mentioning your working environment...
a. I´m planning on buying Parallels - also having the MacBook and the Dell 2405... Does Parallel support 1920 x 1200 native Dell Resolution?
b. Planning on using OSX on the MacBook Monitor and XP (via Parallels) in Fullscreen on the Dell 2405 for XP Programs I need for work...? Does this work?16/24/32 bpp?
c. How did you set up your Monitors?
d. How much RAM/DiskSpace do you pass over to Parallels?
e. Do you use Photoshop in Parallels or Rosetta?

KimonoStereo: I'll try to answer all your questions one by one.
a. Yes it does! The initial betas had some problems but the release doesn't have any problems at all. I rarely use the 1920 x 1200 though!
b. While I haven't fully tested that... I can't think of a reason why it shouldn't work...
c. I used to do a dual config with the Dell as my main screen and my macbook as a secondary screen but I tend to lose the cursor on such a large bit of screen real estate... and I hardly ever used the secondary screen. I figured I might as well save the life of my LCD on the MacBook and just mirror the settings. So I just use the Dell 95% of the time.
d. Parallels is a RAM hog and will want 1.5 gigs of your 2 gigs of ram. If you haven't gotten 2 gigs of RAM you should! All macs fly faster with more RAM and since you're actually going to be running 2 operating systems at once you'll need all that you can handle. On my MacBook, Parallels takes a little time to get settled in but after I get going things are pretty speedy. I just try to make sure not to have too many things open at the same time. For instance if Parallels is open, I'll close out Firefox in OSX and just use Firefox in Parallels since its already using my RAM. Too many things open in MacOSX will cause massive paging and sluggish feel. I always keep the Activity Monitor in OSX open to make sure I have enough RAM and to also check for any processes that may have gotten stuck.
e. I run it in Rosetta mostly. It's actually quite fast for what I do with it. It's definitely faster than my PowerBook G4! I can't wait to see what it will be like native. I don't do heavy photoshop stuff but the files are considerably big since they are all at 600 dpi with multiple layers.

In any case, Parallels will never be as fast as say dual booting into BootCamp. The big advantage to Parallels is never having to leave OSX if you don't want to. Not having to reboot is a major time saver since the majority of what I do is in OSX.

Hope that helps you out!

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