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[Friday Five] - Hold It!

0 Ish Good!

No questions from you the viewer this week, so I'll gush about something else I've been somewhat preoccupied with lately~

Since picking up my nifty new Nintendo DS Lite, I've been more or less hooked on a certain game and it's been eating up a lot of my "free time". ^_^;;

Lo and behold, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney!

Hey, even Anise and Anpan got in on the action! ^_^

The game in a nutshell? You're Phoenix Wright, a rookie defense attorney, who helps folks out who have cases stacked overwhelmingly against them. There's a lot of twists and turns to find the truth, but the game is chock full of puns and humor to keep the game light and entertaining. The series is originally called Gyakuten Saiban in Japan and currently is on their third installment. Game 4 is still in production, but is heavily anticipated.

I have to admit, although I heard a lot of positive reviews on the game, I had no clue just what I was getting myself into. I'm already a pretty big fan of crime mysteries, forensics, and suspense... but this game came packed with all of that and one key element that I love the most: WIT! The feel of the game is kept pretty close to the original: names, dialogue, etc - so for you purists out there, don't feel like you're missing out on anything. I think they did a great job in the translation. :D

Even better, for someone on the go like me, the fact I can just save anywhere in the game and put it down is a great plus~! I can't wait for the second US installment to come out!

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  • Hyper

    Wow! You like that game too? Question: What other games do you like to play, and do the main characters of Nemu-nemu have favorite games of any kind?