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[FFFA] The Evolution of Interest

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In Deep Thought

This past week, a long-time friend of mine had decided to splice and dice an artist-related self-introspective meme I tagged him for into a pop-quiz about himself and his journey to find his niche in art. As usual, he added a twist of wit and humor to the mix, so it was entirely entertaining. However, it got my wheels churning on my own "evolution of interest" and how everything I've taken a liking to has moved me to where I am today.

Let's look at a simplified progression chart:

Japanese family/culture/traditions ---> Japanese Language ---> Japanese School ---> Japanese Comics ---> Drawing

Internet ---> BBS ---> Anime/Manga ---> Local Anime Club ---> Voice Acting ---> Role-Playing

Drawing + Role-Playing ---> Drawing Parodies ---> Drawing Comics

So.. Drawing + Role-Playing + Comics = Now?

In many, ways, yes!
(Seems a little cryptic, ね?)

In short, nemu*nemu is a mix of everything that makes me (and KS) tick. To tell you the truth, how I've been drawing the strip to date is more akin to doodles on notes and scrap paper rather than my usual illustrations. In fact, it's even more simplified than my old comics! It's a choice and I do it for good reason - I attempt to shut down the "perfectionist" side of my brain and aim to plow through and get my thoughts down on paper. I've found that comics I've always enjoyed aren't necessarily the best looking. But if the story is good, I'll be sure to keep coming back for more. It's not easy trying to keep up the pace, but I always feel some happiness when our work goes live and others enjoy it as much as we do.

In other news, I've been dabbling more and more into mainstream American comics. I recently picked up some volumes of Marvel's Power Pack and Runaways. Meanwhile, KS has been reliving his childhood memories while reading through compilation reprints of the X-men. It's really neat to see the progression of the comic industry over the past 10 years. Just a handful of years ago, independant comics didn't really have any shelf-space in bookstores. Now, they have their own section!

Enjoy the weekend!

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