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団子/だんご! (Dango!)

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The 3 Dango Buddies

Some of you may be familiar with mochi, but have you eaten any kushi-dango this summer? It's a popular snack at most fairs and during the spring and summer. (Actually, I'd eat them all year round!) I think these were a part of the Okayama food fair held at a local Japanese department store.

The ones shown above have no bean paste inside, but have very slight difference in taste. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the ingredients that go into each, but 1 skewer often costs $1.50. There are smaller equivalents, often covered with a sauce or powder (shoyu-sugar, kinako powder, bean paste, or nori) that each have a distinctive taste. They go best with a cup of green tea and a moment of relaxation time-out.


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