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[FFFA] - Gaming Goodness & Artistic Choices

0 Ish Good!

Up, Up & Away!

Looks like we have a few questions this week!


Q1: What other games do you like to play, and do the main characters of nemu*nemu have favorite games of any kind?

Kitsy: Between the two of us, I'm probably more the "gamer". I prefer RPGs and puzzle games. Preferably something I can pick up and go and save and continue later. As of late, I've been playing Animal Crossing (for the DS) and Brain Age.
Some long-time favorites of mine are Pop'n Music, Marl no Oukoku no Ningyou Hime (or Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure in the US), Persona 2:IS/EP, Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 6, and Suikoden I-III. I have yet to play all the big-name series like Kingdom Hearts and the recent Final Fantasies past 9. XD;

As for the characters, Anise is definitely the gamer of the two. However, she enjoys retro games like Tetris, Pong, Parodius, Pac-Man, and the original Super Mario Bros. She'll occasionally dabble in fighting games and mecha strategy/action games.
Kana and Nemu would probably enjoy watching Anise play. ^^
I'm thinking Anpan would be awesome at DDR. XD

Q2: Do you have another job to afford all this?!?

Kitsy: Yes, both KS and I have full-time jobs outside of drawing comics. While we would like to eventually just work on nemu*nemu and some other projects we have in mind, regular income is always a big plus~ :D

Q3: What inspired you to draw this kind of style?

Kitsy: I might have touched on this a little earlier, but I'll talk about this in a little more depth since we were asked. :D
When I first started doodling in early elementary school, the style you see in nemu*nemu has many similar characteristics. Dot eyes, rounded face, somewhat skinny, elongated limbs, and NO NOSES! XD; (Actually, at that time, I didn't even draw mouths because I was drawing characters similar to warabe ningyo.) I always felt they looked cuter without noses. It was also easy to draw.
The way I draw nemu*nemu is a comfortable, non-thinking way of putting my characters down on paper. I don't have to think about perspective (too much) or itty-bitty details. As long as I have the expression and pose down, I feel I've done by job to visually represent what I see playing out in my head~ Certainly, I've found inspiration from artists like Kiyohiko Azuma who specialize in this "super deformed/chibi" styles as well~ ^_^

Thanks for all the great questions! Keep them comin'! :D

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