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ぼちゃータイム!/Bath Time!

4 Ish Good!

Botcha Time!

Some of you may have noticed the creeping in of strange words that may be considered commonplace in nemu*nemu but unheard of elsewhere. I suppose it all starts with the word "nemu", which is actually the Japanese verb for "sleep". This past week, we introduced the word "botcha", which some may have already guessed the meaning for.

Botcha, as far as my knowledge goes, is a Japanese loanword to a local dialect in Hawaii called "Pidgin". The sound of water swishing back and forth in a tub makes a "botcha-botcha" sound which became a popular local word for "bath" or "wash". My grandparents used it regularly and occasionally, KS and I use it today! I have also heard that it may have its origins from the Hiroshima clans that first immigrated to Hawaii.

It is most popularly spelled "bocha", but KS and I actually prefer the distinction of the "t" sound which makes it sound a little sharper and with a tiny pause between the syllables. (bo-tcha!) ^_^

As an additional note: the photo above is actually my bathroom from when I was living and working in Japan. Incidentally, Ani's bathroom is loosely modelled on the version above!

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