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[FFFA] Will the REAL Mr. Bun Bun Please Stand Up?

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Mr. Bun Bun

This week, KS takes the FFFA stage to talk about our latest superstar "character", Mister Bun-Bun.

KimonoStereo: A lot of you have commented on the strip featuring the introduction of Anpan's supposed nemesis, Mr. Bun Bun and surprisingly a lot of you had a Mr. Bun Bun sometime during your childhood.

A long, long time ago, when I was a wee lad, my favorite toy was a large pink stuffed rabbit from Japan (so my mother tells me) as I don't really recall him. I refered to him as "Bunny". Somehow "Bunny" was lost (my mother says I may have dropped him while I was being carried) and that I threw quite a fit when I realized he was missing.

To stop me from crying, my mother made me a Humpty Dumpty stuffed toy and called it "Bunny". Being so young (and easy to please fool I suppose) I accepted him as Bunny. Bunny had a round shape head/body that was made of white terry cloth with a lower body made with a blue plaid pattern. His legs and arms were long and simply sewed to the right parts of his body.

Bunny and I were inseperable. We went everywhere together and did everything together. Since Bunny was my closest buddy at the time he got dirty quite often and eventually he had to go "botcha" (thrown into the washing machine). I recall crying all night because Bunny was either in the wash or in the dryer and I would have to go to bed without him. I was always so worried about him going in the wash.

To stop my fretting and crying, mom made me a larger, slighly longer "Bunny" as a substitute to hold me over but he just wasn't the same for me... I always went back to the original Bunny. Eventually, like all well loved stuffies, Bunny began to fall apart. His legs and arms eventually came apart but I still loved him dearly and he still stayed with me while I retired for the night.

Sadly, my mother took Bunny away and eventually substitute Bunny just took his place. I never found out where original "humpty" Bunny went... but you could say he was the spark that started my love affair with stuffed animals for most of my life. I just have a soft spot for them and perhaps some of that comes out in nemu*nemu (ya think?).

Maybe this sounds a bit strange to some but that really was what my early days as a kid were like.

The picture above is Substitute Bunny who is affectionately known as Mr. Bun Bun to Kitsy and I. Yes I still have him and he is still loved.

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