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[FFFA] Relaxation

0 Ish Good!

Time for a break!

No questions this week, so we can just shoot the breeze and chit-chat about .. well.. whatever!
Edit! - Turns out we do have a question this week~!

Q: Why don't you guys post pictures of yourself on your website (real pics)? I'm curious to know what you guys really look like.

KimonoStereo: We enjoy our privacy just as many Manga-ka do.

Kitsy: Actually, our mini icons look a good deal like us. At least that's what KS has been told by friends. XD But seriously, it's just preference that we don't post public photos.

Things have been quiet, yet busy on the KimonoKitsy Studio front. We have a whole bunch of stuff planned for future issues and events - aside from the strips. We hope to keep to schedule with all these additional plans!

Seems like we've had a number of shared experiences with some readers of nemu*nemu regarding our favorite stuffies in the botcha machine! From KS and my collective past experiences, we've found that the botcha machine is much safer than the dry cleaner. In fact, KS had a Gund bear named "Opu" that literally deflated and turned crispy after a visit to the local dry cleaners. I had a Totoro bag that lost his whiskers and tummy fur turned rough...

Last weekend, KS and I hit Jason & Wilma's garage sale. We managed to swipe some awesome goods... Old RayEarth, Marmalade Boy, and Macross singles, various music CDs ranging from Patlabor to Jimi Hendrix, old SuperFamicom/PS2 magazines, and a bunch of Studio Ghibli DVDs (Japanese editions). Lots of great finds for a great price!

On that note, have a great weekend y'all!

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