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Baked Goodies!

0 Ish Good!

Pluffy Pup Cookies! Just yesteday, I was gifted with the most awesome of gifts! Handmade pluffy cookies!!


Let me backtrack to explain: A couple weeks ago, I took part in an online artists meme on LiveJournal where someone would post an invitation for people to comment to their blog if they would like drawings done of one of their interests. A couple handfuls of individuals replied and random drawings in MS Paint ensued. I think only one of the participants actually decided to continue the meme, so I responded to see what I would get in return.

And poof!

Pups on a Rack

Pluffy cookies appeared!

KS and I are totally charmed by these cookies! Thankfully, we got her permission to post these photos from her second batch!

Thank you small gecko!

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2 Replies

  • Annie

    Ahhh! OMG those are just so adorable! I'd hate to eat them because they're so cute ^_^

  • Hyper

    Aww! How cute! But this brings up a question; what are your (and your characters') favorite cookies and what do they remind you of? (They say that a person's favorite thing is connected to a favorite memory!)