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[FFFA] High Contrast

0 Ish Good!

High Contrast!

Greetings all!

It's Friday and no new questions, but never fear! We always have things to talk about!

KS brought this up earlier in a post yesterday and I feel I should once again bring this to attention: Lady manga artist pioneer, Lea Hernandez had a devestating fire that burned down her home and a number of her beloved pets. She (and her family) seems as strong as ever and making best of her situation. She herself isn't soliciting donations, but close friends are doing their best to spread the word. If you can spare the change, please send funds to divalea [at] gmail [dot] com.

Starting from scratch isn't easy, and I'm sure every little bit helps.

And no, KS and I don't know her personally, but we've seen her forge a path for women in the American comic industry and really respect her efforts. I remember her work as a colorist for Viz comics back in the early 90's when they still issued colored translated issues of Silent Mobius and Ranma 1/2.


In nemu*nemu news, we've been brainstorming on ways to improve our site. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment us! We have a lot of ideas stewing!

We also have a new Gallery Highlight! It was drawn as part of an online ad campaign, but since I spent more time working on it than expected, KS though it best to add it to our gallery. So have a look and enjoy!

That's it for this week's "Friday-Free-For-All"! Have a great weekend!

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