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[FFFA] Silence is Golden?

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Silence is Golden?

Greetings all! Welcome to yet another FFFA!

This week, we have a couple thought-provoking questions~ Fire away!

Q1. What are your (and your characters') favorite cookies and what do they remind you of? (They say that a person's favorite thing is connected to a favorite memory!)

Kitsy: Hrrrmmmmm... I like dark chocolate chip cookies, ones that have a little "crust" on the outside and are warm and gooey on the inside. I like the crunch of walnuts too. It reminds me of snack time during early elementary school.
Second best are soft gingerbread cookies with icing. They remind me of when my brother was attending preschool and they were having a bake sale around Christmas time. One of the parents sold these really yummy gingerbread cookies. I loved them so much, my mom ended up buying half the stock. ^^; I haven't had cookies like those in ages, but I still remember what they look and taste like~

KimonoStereo: Chocolate Chip Cookies, baby! (or sometimes peanut butter cookies- melting moments!) Cookies remind me of the Cookie Monster sometimes. Being young, watching Robotech and eating a whole bag of Chips Ahoy cookies... and before I knew it, they were all gone...
I remember when I first learned how to dunk the cookie in milk, I was hooked. It's hard to have cookies without milk.

Anise: My favorite cookie? YES! Cookies are not only a good snack, they're a great way to make friends! (and the stuffies love them!)

Kana: Shortbread cookies and melting moments. I like to make them myself! Nemu likes the peanut butter cookies... he seems to like to use the fork to make the crosshatches.

Nemu: Chocolate chip cookie... and peanut butter! Nemu like the way the cookie melt in Nemu mouth! and Nemu like peanut butter! Nemu eat that one really slow! Make cookie last allllll day! Got cookie??

Anpan: If Anpan had a cookie, Anpan would have to say YES! ALL OF 'DEM! Anpan wish there was a PIZZA COOKIE! Anpan make a special request! PIZZA COOKIE!!

Q2. I was wondering if you ever considered publishing nemu*nemu? Or publishing manga in general as a career?

Kitsy: It's something KS and I have been seriously thinking about over the past months since nemu*nemu started. But I think this question deserves a little outside input... So! KS has created a poll for all our visitors to fill out!

So that wraps up this week's FFFA! nemu*nemu will be up and running as scheduled as of Monday. Thanks for being so patient these past two weeks!

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