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[FFFA] Seeking Answers

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Test Time

Greetings all!

It's Friday again and this week we've a good question saved up!

Q: What is the origin and meaning of your handle KimonoStereo?


The name comes from Mari Iijima's fourth album Kimono Stereo which is also one of my favorites. This was probably the first album I heard from Mari followed by her work on Super Dimension Fortress Macross of course.

I'm not exactly sure what Kimono Stereo means but I'm gonna take a leap and say it's probably a play on words: Mono and Stereo. The album cover is done is classic 50's-60's style with Mari decked out in Kimono on what seems to be a stage set.


Above: My autographed copy :-)

Mari's albums previous to this were all named by color: Rosé (pink), Blanche (white), and Midori (green). At first glance I thought she had done away with the color naming convention with the release of Kimono Stereo, but upon closer inspection, the album is actually titled Grey in very small print.

Kimono Stereo has a very different sound than her previous three releases, probably because it was recorded and produced in England. For me, this is an album I can listen to just about anytime but I especially like it on long drives. I sometimes loop through the entire album twice without realizing it.

Unfortunately, Victor, the record company that owns the recording of this album never reissued it as far as I know. Rosé, Blanche and Midori have all been reissued though and you can probably pick them up on the net easily.

Have a great weekend!

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