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Nemu-nemu now featured at ComiAsia

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I had forgotten how much time and energy it takes to create a comic strip. Back in college I did a strip called the Big Picture, which wasn't really on any sort of schedule but I enjoyed working on it. The college paper paid very, very little money for the effort but money wasn't the big motivator. I just loved doing what I did and I had "free time" to work on it so I did. Soon, school projects and work took over and the strip sadly came to an end.

For some reason I thought it would be easier this time around with nemu-nemu. Heck, I don't even draw the comic... Kitsy does! But it's still extremely time consuming as every free moment that I'm not at work, eating, or sleeping I'm constantly thinking about the strip and what I'd like to do and how to get to doing it. As I sit here inking chapter 7 and finishing up toning and lettering of chapter 6, I really realize that nemu-nemu is a labor of love and I hope that I can keep up this pace as there are so many stories to be told!

Aside from everything related to putting out a comic strip, we've decided to work on a little experiment with to bring nemu-nemu to cell phones around the world. It took a bit of work but I'm happy that we are done with 10 issues for cell phone purchase (although only 2 are available online currently) and maybe someone, somewhere will decide to try nemu-nemu on their phone to truly get a "smile to go"!

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