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0 Ish Good!

Goodness... what a crazy day this Sunday has proven to be.

Hawaii was hit with 6.6 magnitude earthquake - followed by a 5.8, then a 4.2.

I'm certain most have already heard this news on the... well... news, but this is the reason there will be a slight delay in our Monday update. KS and I had planned to work on most of the chapter's strips this weekend, and as it turned out, we wouldn't have the opportunity.

Power was out from the time the quake hit at 7:00AM and our area was out well until 11PM. No computer access, no cellular connectivity, no air conditioning, no nothing state-wide for most of the day. The server is located in our studio, so no luck there~

So we do humbly ask for your patience! The new chapter will be starting as soon as we can complete the first strip. ^_^

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  • Billy

    So what did you do during the entire day? Xd My day was incredibly boring! Too dark to draw, no lights. No food. Melted ice cream. XD Just goes to show how advanced we have all become and when technology is taken away from us, we can do almost nothing.

    Did you know they were giving away free ice cream at Cold Stone!? Argh.