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[FFFA] Earthquake Aftermath

0 Ish Good!


Thank Goodness It's FRIDAY!

It's been a long long week in trying to play catch up to a day lost. Things are getting back to normal, thankfully!

So we have a couple questions and an announcement to make~

Q1: So what did you do during the [day of the earthquake]?

Kitsy: I think for most of the day, we were waiting for power to come back on. It was too hot and humid to nap and we had a lot of work to do. I finished sketching out some of the following chapter's strips and started plotting the next 3. When it got a bit too dark to see my drawing paper, we grabbed battery-powered lanterns and I started to sand down one of my resin dolls.

The rest of the evening, I played a little Cooking Mama and started placing bets as to when the lights would go back on. (We both lost.)

Kimono: Well I attempted to finish off some compositing of whatever finished artwork I had scanned in. I ink the artwork as Kitsy finishes it and so Sunday was going to be my "work my butt off day to catch up" but it was not to be. I composited 3 strips and called it a day. How did I do this? With my trusty MacBook Pro of course... thank God for batteries! Since I had no idea how long the power was going to be out for, I decided to shut down the servers and give the UPS a rest (since it was beeping up a storm and making us crazy!)

Q2: Did you know they were giving away free ice cream at Cold Stone!?

Kitsy: They were?! We only heard about the pizza giveaway in Waikiki and the various Huli Huli chicken sales around town. *sigh* Missed opportunities~

Kimono: Even if they were giving it out, I think we were both hungry for some real food! We held out basically all day and didn't eat lunch hoping (stupidly hoping!) the power would come back and we could go somewhere and eat. DOH!


#1 Product?!

And for our announcement, late last month, we finalized a contract with ComiAsia to have nemu*nemu distributed as a cellphone comic. The issues, while the content is the same, each panel had to be adjusted to fit in a cellphone screen - so the comic reads a little differently. [Read KS's past entry on to find out a little more about it~]

Regardless, nemu*nemu is currently topping their sales charts! I'm really happy to see that there is an audience of readers for our little comic!

(Although I'm not sure how Celestial Zone has two spots on the list for the same issue? Maybe different languages?)

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of nemu*nemu!


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