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[Cool New Thing] - Sukeban Deka IV

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Sukeban Deka IV

Last night, KS and I had the opportunity to see "Sukeban Deka IV - Code Name: Asamiya Saki" which was playing as part of the Hawaii International Film Festival line up. (They translated the name to "Yo-Yo Girl Cop", for those looking for it.)

This movie is directed by Kenta Fukusaku of Battle Royale I and II fame. Expect lots of explosions, fighting, and special effects!

Based off the comic series by Shinji Wada, the story revolves around a character named "Saki Asamiya" who fights for.. well, good. The sukeban aren't really the most wholesome of girls. In fact, they're tough as nails and have no problems beating people up. Anyway, these girls are recruited into a government agency and are told to carry out undercover missions in at schools.

So, in comes Saki Asamiya IV, Aya Matsuura of Hello! Project fame. She's captured in New York, deported to Japan, and recruited by the same government agency as the other sukeban. The problem? A site called "Enola Gay" is rallying youth around the country and causing mayhem. Saki's mission? Find the source and stop the countdown.

The movie is much grittier than I expected - there's a lot of swearing in the translation, and the girls take on roles that are very different from their happy, cheerful Hello! Project stage presences. There are a bunch of laughable moments - especially Reika (Rika Ishikawa of v-u-den fame/former Morning Musume girl) who plays Bad Girl #1, down to the odd studded and shiny leather halter/bare midriff outfit she dons at the final yo-yo showdown.

If you take the movie as less as a serious action film and liken it more along the lines of the new "Kamen Rider" TV shows, you probably won't be disappointed. I'm happy to see a revival of 80's related shows and music in Japanese culture. It's an era thought long-gone, but as campy as it might seem, it's a welcome sight for sore eyes.

One great site for past Sukeban Deka info is Encyclopedia Idollica. While there, learn a little more about the Golden Age of J-Pop~ It must be one of the most definitive around - in English!

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