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Peace & Quiet

Welcome to the end of yet another week!

October is coming to a close and thankfully life will go back to normal shortly after Halloween. Do we have tricks or treats in store for you? You'll just have to check back with us then and see! We also hope you've been keeping track of the story over the past week! It'll come to a finale very soon!

As you may have noticed with my prior entry, KS and I have been taking our "breaks" by taking part in the 26th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF). I first learned about it back when I took a Chinese film course in college. Ever since, I've been keeping tabs on the line-up. This year, our selections were Yo-Yo Girl Cop, Paprika, and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. So far, so good~ I'll make short notes to update our blog with thoughts on each of the movies - like the previous post on Yo-Yo Girl Cop.

Have a great weekend all!

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