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CSS Reboot Fall 2006

0 Ish Good!


Greetings all CSS Reboot visitors! Welcome to nemu*nemu phase 3! I'm exhausted! I ended up staying up way past my nemu time in order to troubleshoot my layout for CSS Reboot. The site worked great on everything but Windows/IE! Grrr! I finally gave up and called it a night so I could get some sleep and maybe get a clearer head on it this morning.

Turns out thats just what I needed. The entry and comic pages are now fixed and look the way they should on IE/Win. Thank God! If I could make a humble suggestion if you are still using IE, possibly consider getting FireFox... maybe?

We hope you like the new look and layout of nemu*nemu. We've redesigned the site to accommodate easier theme changes in the future and it'll allow us more freedom to do a bit more with the way the site works.

I'm still making my way through the site and updating the rest of the sections so hang tight. If you see something thats broken or wrong, please feel free to contact us!

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