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[FFFA] セーラー服!/Sailor-Fuku!

0 Ish Good!

Watch Out Nemu!

What a week!

Aside from flooding around the island, tornado warnings, crazy busy days and nights... this actually turned out to be a very awesome week for nemu*nemu!

First of all, October 31st was Anise's birthday. She doesn't *really* get any older, but I'm certain she got a lot of candy and presents from good friends! I don't think it gets much better than receiving a hand-made Henshin Rider costume and winning 1st place at her class' party!

Second, my birthday was late last week and a wonderfully gifted friend gifted me with a cute little ficlet featuring the boys (and girls~). If you have a minute (that's all you'll need, I promise!), have a read!

Third, nemu*nemu was featured in a themed show titled:

Sailor Uniforms!

KS and I were contacted by Robin about a month ago to participate in her Curatorial Studies class project with the University of Victoria in BC, Canada. Since Anise and Kana fit the bill (being school kids themselves and having a uniform~), we were happy to oblige! Aside from submitting three strips, we also worked on a quick gallery-ready illustration, just for her show:

To view Robin's official show photos, click here! Her show features illustrations, costumes, and even figures from artists all over the world!

If you don't recognize the strips, they're "Time To Go!", "About Last Night", and "The Truth Comes Out" from Chapter 6!

The 2 colored illustrations are based off of my character designs of Anise and Kana from earlier this year!

And lastly, nemu*nemu's site design has been completely overhauled for the 2006 Fall Reboot! KS has been working hard on the new site layout for the past month and a half, so please be sure to have a good look around! If you notice any problems, don't hesitate to contact/message us - we'll be sure to fix it ASAP~!

Thanks again for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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