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[FFFA] Better Late than Later

0 Ish Good!

Under the Rain

Welcome to a somewhat belated Friday Free-For-All!

Please excuse the lateness~ KS and I have been working on numerous different projects, all at the same time. ^_^;

Can you believe the Christmas holiday is officially upon us? The year is just about over and all the serious partying goes into effect as of Sunday night.

We touched upon this a bit last week, but as our shipment of pin badges reach their intended owners, we wanted to remind everyone to:

Show us how you nemu!

In big and small ways, we know folks are uber creative with how they use things. If you have some time to take a quick snapshot of how you use your pin badges, we'd love to see them!

How KS nemu's

Here's a little example of how KS uses his set:
(Click on the thumbnail for a pop-up image!)

I'm sure most of you are just as or more creative than us! Send us those photos!

In the meanwhile, we have a few more strips to take us into the new year, so stay tuned with us and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

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