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First Fan Art of 2007!

0 Ish Good!

First fanart of 2007!

Hey all!

Yes, I'm still alive, albeit really busy with my day job. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to do a whole lot of miscellaneous strip-related things, but rest assured, KS and I will have a lot to show for (or so we hope!) at Kawaii Kon 2007! We will have a booth at the dealer's room, so mark your calendars in April! :D

In the meanwhile, I simply had to make a post to announce our first piece of fanart ever! Big thank yous go out to Jason (a.k.a. Shaz), who is not only a great artist, but a long-time friend. Apparently a big fan of the boys and Henshin Rider, we have the cute sketch above to share! Thanks again!

And of course, if anyone else is interested in sending us fan work, we'd be more than thrilled to see~~~~~ *hinthint!*

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