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It's Coming...

0 Ish Good!



Theres a small light at the end of the tunnel... Inking is finally finished for chapter 12. Last night I put the finishing touches on that chapter and now it's time to scan, tone and do the lettering. I have to say that I've been stressing out with some of the deadlines we have to get things ready in time for Kawaii-kon. Holding a "real" job and doing a webcomic kinda equals no life for now! Every waking hour that I am not at work, I'm working on something for nemu*nemu.

Looking at the deadlines we have, and the ambitious projects we have planned to debut at Kawaii-kon, I'm wondering if we can do it all! I'm just hoping to make it out of the month of March in one piece! The dream of having things done ahead of time is just that... a dream.

Kitsy has it even worse than I do, sometimes pulling 12 hour work days at her "real" job as well. When I look at the calendar, I get this sinking feeling of impending doom... At least last night was a light at the end of ONE of the tunnels I'll be traveling through.

7 weeks until Kawaii-Kon! In the mean time... it's back to work!

Have a great weekend!

*OMP = Anpan's favorite saying: Oh My Pizza!
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