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Sweating the Details

0 Ish Good!

I haven't done a print project in a while (aside from the nemu*nemu pin set of course)... and now I remember why I swore off most print related freelance work!

We've been burning the midnight oil working on what will become nemu*nemu volume 1, a collection of the first year of nemu*nemu, and man am I tired! There's a big learning curve to publishing a book. I thought with all my years of print experience that it would be a piece of cake. To some extent, such as laying things out and understanding the printing terminology, it is. But there's so many FAQ's to read and not all of them are clearly layed out, but with the help of many people, we're almost finished and ready to get published.

Print is a scary thing. Unlike the web medium, which I am so comfortable with, print has no flexibility. It's very rigid and unforgiving. If you miss a typo or are slightly off by a few point/pixels on centering a line or if your fonts mess up, your whole project could could end up a costly mistake. Once it's printed you're stuck with it! Unfortunately time is not on our side as Kawaii-kon is fast approaching so we're being as careful and as speedy as we can be.

We'll have more details once things are finalized... and of course a lot more cool nemu stuff to talk about as well!

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