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[FFFA] What have we here?

0 Ish Good!

Sneak Peek! Peek-a-boo!

Just another couple sneak peeks at what we're looking forward to unveiling at Kawaii Kon in just 3 weeks! I just wish I had time to take photos during the day when the light is cooler and cleaner. Nighttime lighting always looks yellowish. *sigh*

Some good news, things are more-or-less on schedule for the convention! The books have arrived in the islands, so one less thing for us to sweat about. Book sales and details will be announced closer to the convention - We sincerely thank everyone for their interest in purchasing copies! Projects are moving along as planned. Bad news, I'm behind on the strips for this month, so next week will be another break week for us. T_T;

Stay tuned! More news will be available as we draw closer to the wire! How exciting!

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