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[Kawaii Kon '07] SUPER Unveil #1

0 Ish Good!

Are we ready for Kawaii Kon 2007?

Our answer is... ALMOST!

First things first!

Many thanks to Jason & Wilma of the Star Bulletin for writing such a wonderful article about nemu*nemu! KS and I were featured in today's edition of "Drawn and Quartered"! Check it out for a special sneak peek for something folks have been eagerly anticipating~!
(On my behalf, please excuse the hair-you will see why it looks that way in another feature article printing this Friday!)

Although we have no new strips this month, we hope you feel we have a lot to show for in terms of convention preparation and merchandise! :D As promised, here are a few of the things we will have available at the convention!

nemu*nemu Volume 1
nemu*nemu Volume 1!

Pin Badges Set #2
All new pin badges for sale!

Prints for sale!
Prints of all shapes and sizes!

Hats, Pins and Felt Pouches!
Handmade fleece hats, felt pins and pouches!

Just a preview of some of our stickers!

Items will be for sale online post-convention!

In the meanwhile, hold on tight! There's a bunch more stuff waiting in the wings for SUPER Unveil #2!

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4 Replies

  • chris

    eeeee. wow. congratulations no your article, it looks really cool. and updated pictures of the both of you! (well it'll be the first time i see Kimono... XD)

    you need to bring some of that material to canada! anime north !! will sell lots!

    i noticed an ipod sleeve, but no ds sleeves? D:a


  • kitsy

    Hee~! Much thanks!

    We're in the process of making other sleeves~ but the ipod sleeves work well for pocket cameras too! :D If they do well, we'll expand to larger and smaller pockets. :D

    Anime North is so far away! We'd like to attend, but KS needs a passport!

  • Sophia

    AWESOME!!! Your brother and mother have both been raving about nemu*nemu to myself and Mom and Dad, so I had to check it out - and OMG I am *so* storming your dealer's table!!!

    Credit card ok?

  • kitsy

    Hi Sophia! I'm not sure if we'll be able to accept credit card at the con since we don't have a reader, but I think checks might be okay? ^_^? (If not, my family knows where you live. XD)

    If all else fails, there's always paypal. ^^