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[Kawaii Kon '07] SUPER Unveil Finale!

0 Ish Good!

Tomorrow, KS and I will be at the Hawaii Convention Center setting up our booth for Kawaii Kon 2007!

We really can't believe that time has flown by so quickly! We just started our comic a year ago and it would seem almost mandatory to have stuffed pup replicas of Anpan and Nemu for sale! But it definitely wasn't a spur of the moment decision - these little pups went into production in January. With help from my mom, we went through about 5 different prototypes before we settled on these pups.

Made completely from scratch, each pup is handmade from velour, mostly hand-stitched and are unique in their own way. Each pup has a nemu*nemu label attached to his hindquarters to remind everyone just where they came from! :D

Anpan & Nemu!

Anpan & Nemu want to go home with you!

The Boys!

These pups are by no means mass-produced. We have a limited run of 50 (25 Anpan, & 25 Nemu!).

Instead of being for sale, these special pups will be available for adoption! What this entails... more details tomorrow!

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  • mailechan

    Waaah! No fair! I want to adopt them both, but I'd have to pay the 2k to fly there, and then the hotel, and, and...

    Seriously, though, they are fantastic and adorable, and I WISH I was going. Sometimes it sucks to be halfway across the world.