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Hard at Work!

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Hard at Work!

Since Kawaii Kon '07, KS and I have been hard at work with our next chapter and site improvements. KS has done a great job with our brand-spankin' new layout! For those of you who keep up-to-date with us via RSS feeds, be sure to stop by the site to have a look around! nemu*nemu will be under minor construction with occasional updates here and there as we work out the kinks~

Our shop will be up soon! We're working on the details for our remaining pups, so please stay tuned! Prepping everything for online sale has been a lot more work than we originally thought!

In the meanwhile, yes, I have been busy drawing and working hard to get the next chapter of strips up! Have a sneak peek (above) at what's in progress!

Yeeesss~ it's something a little bit different~ but don't worry! It's self-contained~

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3 Replies

  • TamaKun

    First post!

    I really love the new site layout! White is good...KS is awesome...maybe he could teach me a thing or two about web editing? oO;

  • RubyD

    Waaaah, that looks so cool. *_* Do you all have any how-to's with how you do your work? (Like, what paper size and what do you ink with?)

    Looks professional! Cute style!!

  • Sophia

    Site redesign looks great! :) But the donate button isn't showing fully on most of the pages :(