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Fan Arts Galore!

0 Ish Good!

While at Kawaii Kon '07, KS and I were blessed with cute fanart from a couple of friends~

Fanart from Trimmy Fanart from Hikaru Fanart from Minitsu

Much thanks to Trimmy, Hikaru and Minitsu of Monkey-Ame, a local doujinshi artist group KS and I worked with a couple years back! We're happy to see them doing so well and printing their second doujinshi, SoraJiru!

We are most happy to add these wonderful drawings to our Fan Art Gallery!

KS and I are always thrilled to see fanart of the nemuverse! If you have something you'd like to submit, send it to! (And please let us know if it's okay to post on our website!)

Thanks again!

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