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Nemu*Shop NOW OPEN! and More FREE STUFF!

0 Ish Good!

Nemu Shop! Now Open!

Well it took us a while to do, but we're finally ready to launch Nemu*Shop!

We've got tons of cute and cool nemu*nemu stuff for sale: T-shirts, pins, hats, pouches, books, and of course the Stuffed Plushy Pups everyone has been waiting for!

We'll be fine tuning Nemu*Shop over the course of a few days so please bear with us as we work out any bugs that might creep in. If you find a problem with anything on the site, please don't hesitate to drop us a line to let us know .

We've also added a lot of new avatars/icons to our nemu*nemu FREE STUFF page. Feel free to use these for your MySpace, Live Journal, Vox, personal blog, etc. or any forums you frequent. We'll be adding more FREE STUFF periodically so be sure to check back or get on our notification list!

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6 Replies

  • Sophia


    Re: Donate button - it's been suggested that the problem here is that I'm using a PC, and not a Mac... LOL! But for example, on this page I can only see the very top of the donate button, and not the text on the button... it cuts off before the text shows and right under that is the "are you new to nemu" graphic.

  • chris

    congratulations on your shop opening! now to save money :(

    bug report: under free stuffs, the link to point to the anpan-buns-love image points to the non <3 version.


  • kimonostereo

    Thanks for the bug reports! I fixed them both. Sophia's one was due to the fact that I put a closing "p" tag in the wrong place. It should work now no matter what size font you have the browser set to.

    Again thanks for pointing these things out to us! We appreciate you!

  • chris

    still doesn't work. XD

  • chibaraki

    More bug report: The larger wallpapers are... not actually large. I don't think any of them are actually over 1280x1024. o_o Which saddens me, as I was all ready to slap the Slow Children one on my desktop. Technical difficulties are standing in the way of my cute-fix!