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Ani & AnpanBuns
Anpan Buns?

Wow! How long has it been since we've had a real Friday Free-For-All?!

Well, I'd like to resurrect this section for folks to ask questions of KS and me. We accept messages, e-mails, comments, etc throughout the week and we can post some of our answers on Fridays!

Since this is the first of a new series of threads, I'd like to use this space to just remind folks that the puppy adoption will be ending TONIGHT at 11pm HST! We're a good 3 hours away from the West Coast, so you can try and calculate your time zone accordingly.

So far from the looks of things, folks who put in an adoption request are quite likely to end up with the pup (or two!) of your choice!

We've had a question regarding their size - we are happy to comply!



Each pup is roughly *life-sized*. Which means when seated, they are roughly 9-10 inches in height (as seated) and range from 9.8 to 10.5 oz in weight. Hopefully the photo above will allow you to judge the size of Anpan and Nemu compared to the objects they are holding.

Any other questions? Just message us or e-mail us! :D

Have a great weekend all!

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