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[News] Secrets and Show-n-Tells!

0 Ish Good!

It's a little early for a Friday Free-For-All, but we have a few cool announcements to make!

First off, for those who live on the East side of Oahu, you have a special mini treat that arrives in your mailbox once a month! nemu*nemu has been picked up by the East Oahu Sun and we are currently publishing special strips that aren't found on this site! Luckily, online folks can view June's strip by simply clicking HERE!

Also making the news, nemu*nemu has also been covered in the Mililani High School Trojan Times! Much thanks to Tamakun for his great article on webcomics! Click HERE to view his article in PDF format! (1MB)

And last, but not least, we have a couple new puppy arrivals to announce!

Arrival at Studio Amzu! The Pups Arrive!

Studio Amzu (left) received their pups a while back and they were kind enough to share with us a tender moment, caught on film!

Meanwhile, another set of happy pups have arrive at Ratana N.'s home (right)! They look like they're ready for a few new adventures... Perhaps you might catch them wandering around at Otakon?

As for all our other owners, please feel free to send us photos of your pups! We'd love to see them, much less share them with the world! We've already heard stories of them watching Korean dramas and Voltron! With your permission, we'd be happy to post them here!

Have a great week everyone!

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