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[FFFA] Requests!

0 Ish Good!

Like Mary Poppins!

Welcome to yet another Friday Free-For-All!

This week, we had some awesome suggestions for potential icons/avatars! Thusly, KS and I are on the job working on a bunch of new ones this weekend.

So we open the discussion to you!

What themes of avatars would you like?

  • Cute?
  • Dramatic?
  • Funny?
  • Seasonal?

We're all ears~ :D Feel free to message, e-mail or just plain comment to us. If there's a specific size you're looking for, let us know too!

Also! We've had a question or two about our banners! We do have banner ads, but most of them are a little old. We plan to update these very soon as well!


If you'd like to grab these, please feel free! However we ask you do not hotlink to these images~!

For all Hawaii folks, enjoy the Kamehameha Holiday on Monday! (I know I will! :D)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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2 Replies

  • nunuu


    Yay! Banners! *yoinks the flying Nemu one*

    For icons, I'm all for cute and funny stuff. ^-^ But I'm curious as to what dramatic would be like. :O!

  • nunuu

    Oh yeah, I wanted to also note that I adore the "nemu on twitter" drawing a lot. SO CUTE! >o<