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[Blog: Book Gushing] Kaoru Mori's Emma

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Page 1 of Volume 4
Colin Jones reminds me of Nemu sometimes...

There are a few series that I go totally ga-ga over and Kaoru Mori's Emma is definitely one of them!

Some of you may have already caught my blathering over this already, but I must say - this series is so wonderful, it literally makes me cry. The art is superb, the research put into making this comic as historically "correct" as possible is outstanding and the story ... well, just must be experienced.

KS likens the style to that of Dave Sim's Cerebus, with the backgrounds that could possibly rival that of Gerhard. Don't be fooled by the seemingly simplistic characters - they hold their own against intrinsically detailed backgrounds that always tell you just where they are. The panels are well thought out and flow seamlessly from one scene to the next. Everything plays out almost like a movie on paper.

The story starts off slow. However, Mori slowly draws you into that Victorian age and sensibility so that you understand her characters and the disparity of William and Emma's social classes. As things pick up, more characters are added into the mix and it can be difficult to put the book down. It's by no means action driven. There's no huge explosions or battle sequences. Barely even fighting or running. I'd liken it to a Victorian... soap opera. Love triangles all over the place with a very Romeo and Juliet quality to the story.

Some have asked if I prefer the manga over the anime or vice versa. I'm very much a manga person. I enjoy reading the story and slowly poring over each panel that catches my eye. I also like to re-read chapters that really stand out. It's also nice to have references at hand rather than trying to catch some screen caps of my favorite scenes. ^_^;

By no means is the anime not as good as the manga - it has its own charm! The first season covers the first 2 volumes of the manga. The second season has officially started and they even have their own official website! I even picked up the 3 Animation Guides from akadot a little while back.

I've been itching to read more... and the local Book-Off has been out of stock the last 5 times I visited. *sigh* I feel so inspired to aspire to such greatness~ ;A;

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