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[FFFA] Miss Roxy, Queen of the House

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Miss Roxy
Roxy, Queen of the House

Some of you may have noticed a mysterious border collie who stole the spotlight in "Fetch!"

That pup based on none other than KS' 4 year-old dog, Roxy! She might not be quite as friendly as the pup in our strips, but just as cute. Indeed she is a little pudgier and fluffier than most. She's actually an Australian Shepard mix and a little overweight. We're trying to remedy that with evening walks around town. ^_^; Moody is the best way to describe her.

Unless you're eating.

Then she's your best friend.

Now just who owns this dog in our strip remains to be seen... *curiouser and curiouser*

* * * * *

In other news, we'd like to thank everyone who sent in their suggestions for icons, banners and avatars! KS spent some time working on these new ones and I'm in the process of drawing art for more!

* * * * *

Now for the meat 'n potatoes of our Friday Free-For-All!

We've had some questions this week regarding our comics! We are most happy to answer!

Q1: When is Volume 2 coming out?

We are planning on having it completed by the end of this year and ready for debut during the 2008 convention season! (Most likely, April!)

Q2: Will the next book be in color?

We're considering the possibility, but we're currently planning on printing our strips in black and white like volume 1. If there is a high enough demand, we might do a special limited edition run of our comic in color...
We have yet to work out the details~

In the meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone! :D

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