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[Blog] Ugh.

0 Ish Good!

Yes. I sleep on the floor at home.


With the weather as it's been going these past couple weeks, I knew this was bound to happen. After fighting what seemed to be weeks of allergies, I seemed to have lost part of the battle this past weekend.

So I'm at the studio sick with a sinus infection, drinking tons of water, getting some extra rest and downing decongestants and antibiotics.

On the bright side, this sort of affords me a little more time to catch up our strip buffer so we can actually take a real break in the somewhat near future!

At this point in the comic, KS is taking more of a backseat to the workload while I'm taking up the reigns - we'll see where this takes us with these next few chapters!

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4 Replies

  • Sophia

    Get well soon!

    (But you can keep taking those sick days, I won't tell! =) )

    Vitamin C! Zinc! Stuff like that!

  • Annie

    :( *HUGS* Get well soon! I hate sinus infections as they plague me like no other so I feel your pain! Rest and get better!

  • TamaKun


  • Kiki

    Hope you feel better soon!!Allergy infections are the worst. Rest up and drink juice,you'll need it. ^.^Y