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[FFFA] Pomp & Circumstance at Its Best!

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Anpan Graduates! Anpan Graduates w/ Tamakun!
Anpan Graduates!

Greetings all!

Welcome to yet another Friday Free-For-All!

Every week, I look forward to what sorts of things will come up to talk about in this column. Sometimes it's random thoughts that come to mind. Sometimes it's questions we're asked. But this week is a little special!

Earlier this week, we were contacted by one of our regular readers/visitors, Ryan M., with great news! Both he and Anpan graduated! We were thrilled he shared these great photos with us and gave us permission to post! We're ecstatic that his pups have settled in so well with him and his family! Congratulations Ryan and many many thanks to you and your family for your support of nemu*nemu! (The poster they made looks fabulous!)

For those of you not from Hawaii, graduations are a very special moment that is celebrated with leis from family and friends. Of course, this phenomenon has creatively evolved over the years. Not only are the leis made of flowers, but some are knitted or crocheted from ribbon and special yarn, some are strung with candy or money, others are rubber tubes kids use at the beach with writing all over it. A number of years back, my friend and I toiled for hours making a lei out of foil-style paper origami tsuru for a graduating buddy from college. I think that's the most ambitious I've ever gotten with the lei-making craft.

At any rate, thank you very much for all the well-wishes on my last blog post! With my prescription decongestant and antibiotics, I'm feeling a whole lot better! (With ample, water, sleep and vitamin C~ :D) Thankfully, I caught it early before it hit me full blast. o_O!

TGIF! Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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  • TamaKun

    Congrats on getting better! I got sick after reading your update on being sick...but I am almost fully recover'd!