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Ahroha from my iPhone

0 Ish Good!

Call me crazy, but I did it. Along with what seemed to be at least 300+ people. I got an iPhone!


My crazy trek began just about noon time. I had originally decided to go to an AT&T outlet, bit after thinking it over a bit, realized that the Apple Store would probably have the lions share of the iPhones. I never found out for sure, but I did get one!

Initial impressions? This thing is going to change the way people think about and use cell phones. It's going to make other manufacturers phones better because they will have to come up with better phones to compete with Apple.

The iPhone user interface (UI) is so slick and so clean. It's fast. There are no menus to use. The web browser is a real web browser that actually works. In fact this post, sans the photo (can't upload photos from the iphone to the blog yet) is all done on my iphone!

Off to play with my new toy and then it's back to work on nemu*nemu! Have a great weekend!

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2 Replies

  • Masako

    Congrats!! *_* Wow that's impressive.
    Looks like it's everything the commercials said it was!

  • kimonostereo

    Yes its incredible that I'm able to type this comment on my iPhone, much less view this page on my phone at all. I'm still waiting for t-mobile to turn off my old account but that's another story. I was pleasantly surprised with how well and fast this keyboard actually works.