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[FFFA] Summer Break

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Greetings all on this Friday the 13th! *cue spooky music*

We've come to the end of yet another week of work as usual~ For me, it's been a busier week for us than most. Why, might you ask? I've been prepping the day-job office for a much-needed vacation!


The real excitement hasn't really hit me yet - since between today and flight time, I have a number of none-too-savory appointments. Aside from a much needed haircut and color (I haven't cut my hair since Kawaii Kon in April...), I have a date with the endodontist and a couple early morning driving lessons. *sigh* Hopefully nothing goes wrong at any of my appointments!

So, we're heading to California for a two week vacation - our first week will be spent in NorCal and then we head down to SoCal for the remainder of our trip. We've been scouring people's blogs for ideas of places to visit... mostly for food and shopping recommendations - and jotting them down in notebooks. It's a comfortable place for the both of us to visit, but we're always interested in checking out new sites. Any suggestions? We're all ears~ :D

Also, it just so happens that we're going to be in the area for the San Diego Comic Con! We're planning to attend on Friday and have already registered for our passes. We thought it would be an awesome opportunity to meet up with some friends and check out who's exhibiting this year. Because we only have one weekend to spare and lots of specialty shops (Volks LA Sumika, here I come!) we'd like to hit, I'm a little sad to be missing out on big events happening during the weekend.

In the meanwhile, for folks who don't live on East Oahu, our special July strip with the is online! We have also posted our published strip on our DeviantArt Gallery. These are unique strips, currently not published on our website!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • tammie

    Where are you going to be in NorCal? I live near San Jose if you are going to be me or give me a call if you will be in the area! My cell is [edit]. Email is [edit].