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[Blog] Countdown!

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Well, the vacation countdown has officially started! By Thursday morning, we will be on a much needed trip!

KS and I have decided to put the strip on hold while we are out so we don't eat up the buffer I'm currently working on. It's always a hard decision for me to put the strip on hold, but sometimes it part of a greater necessity?

As I hinted before in prior entries, there are a few projects in the works and unfortunately, those deadlines are fast approaching. Once we return in August, we'll be hitting the drawing boards full force.

How do you folks feel about our transition to color strips?

We decided to make the change after we encountered a few problems with the digital tone when printing. Post-printing of Book 1 and Kawaii Kon, roles shifted. Previously, KS was responsible for backgrounds and inks to help me with the workload to make our self-set deadlines for our con debut with my day job going into full drive. Since then, my day job workload has eased considerably and I can focus more on nemu*nemu.

The move to color was almost expected. Considering I would have been coloring the strips in Photoshop in greyscale, it made more sense to spend some extra time to do them in color instead. I had been reading various tutorials and tips online to speed up the flatting process and put to use some old techniques I learned when coloring backgrounds for Udon Entertainment. So far, so good. I've learned a couple things for myself and have a somewhat better understanding of my work process and ability. I've always been very self-conscious about my coloring abilities - many times, I just have a difficult time mixing and matching my colors to get the effect I'd like.

The transition to color has been rewarding, but also a sacrifice of my extra time to do a satisfactory job. Honestly, I don't regret making this jump to color. It is a demanding change and I'm just taking each strip as a new opportunity to improve myself little by little. Hopefully, a few life changes in the near future will help to buy me more time to really focus on my art.

Any input? I'm always interested in what folks think and would love to know ways to grow nemu*nemu!

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  • Geri

    Just wanted to say that I really do appreciate the time you take to color the strips! I especially loved the recent botcha storyline--Nemu was so cute having a great time in the washing machine and dryer! But one thing I'm still dying to know is who was spying on them at the end of the graphic novel.