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[Blog] Sketching Kana!

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Kana doesn't get much of the spotlight, but she's definitely growing on folks~ ^^

I don't often get a chance to sketch in my "usual" style - so when I sketch, they often turn out like this. ^^

Some may wonder why I opt to draw the strips in the style I do - a lot of it lies with my own confidence in drawing something repeatedly with consistency. The strips are drawn in my simplified style to make sure I make my own deadlines and there's uniformity from one strip to the next. (...and even still there's a good deal of evolution to the characters and their designs!)

I'm also in the process of strengthening my grasp on anatomy, proportion, style, flow, rhythm and all that good stuff. I'm still a bit rusty, but taking things one step at a time~ ^_^

Strips are still on hold until August!

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  • nunuu


    I love the art style of nemu*nemu! It's perfect for the cuteness and the comedy that goes on.

    But! I AM curious as to how, say, a one-shot story would look when done in the usual, less-cartoonish style. :O!